FirstNet for EMS

FirstNet is the only nationwide, high-speed internet communications platform built just for America’s first responders, including all EMS practitioners. We’re bringing you reliable priority access so you can provide the best care possible.

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Responding with resilience: Mental wellness in EMS

EMS professionals are called to help people at some of the most difficult moments in their lives. Hear how these first responders maintain their mental wellness in the face of what they see and hear on a daily basis.

Thank you, EMTs and paramedics, for all you do

FirstNet thanks EMS for rising to the challenge of every call, every day.

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FirstNet benefits

  • Priority access

    Get always-on priority access to voice, data, and text. This means you will have priority over commercial traffic on the network.

  • Sensitive data is protected

    A dedicated Security Operations Center monitors the network 24x7 for physical and cyber threats and the physically-separate FirstNet core has available end-to-end encryption.

  • Temporary service solutions for expanded coverage when disaster strikes

    90+ Cells on Wheels (COWs) and heavy-duty Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) can keep you connected while you support first responders and restore power grids and water supplies.

  • LMR to LTE interoperability

    Your FirstNet PTT users can communicate seamlessly with users on your LMR network. This will help improve productivity, free up LMR capacity, and extend your operational reach at a lower cost.

3 reasons why your EMS business needs to be on America's public safety network

Whether you have 1 or 100 EMS vehicles, FirstNet can help improve communication, vehicle safety, and efficiency.

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Make your communications more convenient

FirstNet Push-To-Talk Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability allows your team members using two-way radios and the FirstNet Push-To-Talk (PTT) service to talk to one another, simply and reliably.

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STEMI - A time critical diagnosis

When responding to cardiac calls, EMS in Franklin County, Kansas needed the ability to communicate with doctors and share critical patient information enroute to the hospital. FirstNet helped provide that reliable and highly secure connectivity.

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FirstNet in action

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