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Critical communication when you need it most.

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FirstNet® is there when you need it

FirstNet is the only nationwide, high speed, broadband communications platform dedicated to first responders and those that support them. It is available to eligible organizations and individuals to help coordinate and support response operations during a significant winter storm.

FirstNet was built for this

While some commercial carriers claim to be the network for first responders, only FirstNet was built by first responders, for first responders. Period. FirstNet provides first responders and those that support them with modern communication tools. Reliable connections help those on the frontlines perform at their best.

You play a critical role

Department of Transportation, Emergency Management and Facility Operations & Maintenance teams are critical to the public safety mission. FirstNet can help you coordinate response to inclement weather and keep roadways passable throughout your jurisdiction. 

Communication tools when you need them most

With FirstNet, you can...

  • Maintain access to voice, data, video, images and text tools when emergencies arise

  • Enhance situational awareness with innovative apps and devices

  • Track and manage your fleet

  • Partner with the FirstNet Response Operations Group to allocate deployable assets for events such as natural disasters

  • Get exclusive pricing and flexible rate plans for organizations and individuals

Selecting the right tools, at the right time. Whether you're interested in FirstNet for yourself or for your organization, we'll develop a solution that meets your unique needs. Apply today and we'll develop a solution that meets your unique needs.

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